• HumanResources

    It’s easier and more productive to outsource the human resource responsibilities and administrative functions in your business.With Teamwork HR, we handle your tiresome paperwork. Read More
  • Payroll

    The proper administration of your payroll is critical to the success of any business.For compliance with State, Federal and local tax authorities - your business depends on reliable and accurate payroll. Read More
  • Workers' Comp

    By joining with Teamwork HR you are adding a team designed to administer and manage the most dreaded benefit of all ... workers' compensation.It only takes one serious injury or compliance violation put your business at risk. Read More
  • Benefits

    The most successful companies in America are very good at finding great employees.When your business joins with Teamwork Human Resources, Inc. your employees will have access to an extensive array of quality benefit packages. Read More
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About Teamwork HR

A FACT FOR EMPLOYERS: It’s easier and more productive to outsource the Human Resource responsibilities and administrative functions in your business.

Teamwork HR (Teamwork Human Resources, Inc.) is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). Here’s what that means to you, the employer: You outsource the paperwork, reporting and administrative tasks of being an employer to us, and you spend more time and energy doing what you do best, what you like doing most.

Outsource the filling out of forms, quarterlies and annual reports, the management of workers’ comp and other insurance and benefit issues, compliance with employer laws, regulations and guidelines, even the daily issues of dealing with employee problems and ensuring a mistake-free working environment.


No More Paper Timesheets!


Human Resources

File Management & more

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Employee Benefits

Healthcare & Assistance

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Employee Payroll

Reporting & Tax Filing

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Workers' Compensation

Risk Management & more

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